HR Policies

Development and Management Of HR Policies

Human Resource (HR)Policies is one of the key documents that any organization needs. HR Policies are based on the principle that employees are the most important resources for achievement of business objectives and growth. The HR Policy manual and procedures provides direction to employees about the conditions of their employment agreement with the company.

  • To provide each Office Manager with an easy reference to reference to of the Company’s Human Resource   (HR) policies and procedures with respect to personnel administration.
  • Bring about uniformity of practice across the various locations of the company.
  • Minimize the misunderstandings and confusion that often result when managers change.
  • Inspires disciplined behaviour within the framework of rules and regulations.
  • Maintain order, discipline, efficiency and security of property and also to dismiss, suspend or demote an  employee for proper cause in accordance with rules and regulations as laid down in the company code.