eSoft Payroll & HRIS


ESoft Payroll & Human Resource Information System (HRIS) offers a self-contained total solution for human capital management suitable for medium to large size companies.

ESoft -EHRIS Modules

  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Staff Administration
  • Document Manager
  • Performance Management
  • Job Profile Management

Module Key Features

Payroll Management

Features Highlights

  • Compliant with all Zambian legal requirements.
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multiple currencies with multiple exchange rate conversions
  • Multiple companies
  • e-Payslips via email and sms
  • simplified data entry with data import and export tools
  • Inbuilt report design tools
  • Variety of pay slip designs
  • Variety of payroll reports
  • Unlimited data retention periods
  • e-NAPSA
  • e-PAYE and Skills Levy Returns
  • Personal levy
  • National Health Scheme (NHS)
  • Workers compensation annual filing
  • General Ledger Interface

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee Self Service allows employees to apply for leave and supervisors to approve leave applications, Employee also get access to their pay statements and can also complete the performance appraisal on the web portal

Feature Highlights

  • Leave Applications (leave becomes a streamlined, paperless process)
  • Loan Applications
  • Performance Management (Employee Self Appraisal then escalated to Line Manager. Performance management allows the employees to propose their own KPIs or be assigned KPI by their supervisors, supervisors can approve the subordinates KPIs. Through this module an employee can do a self-assessment on the KPIs then the supervisor also does and assessment and provides ratings for each KPI. At the end the employee agrees or disputes the KPI ratings from the supervisor.
  • Access to E-Payslips (If using ESoft Payroll)

Staff Administration

This is a working tool for human resource practitioners. The main aim of this system is to computerize employee’s personal files moving away from traditional filing to modern electronic data management. Employee information is available just on the finger tips, hence managing employee records efficiently and effectively.

Feature Highlights

  • Capturing of family details and emergency contacts
  • Administration of employee sick notes
  • Management of employee contracts
  • Capturing of qualifications, memberships and affiliations
  • Tracking of employee work history
  • Management of employee disciplinary records
  • Management of work permits for expatriate employees
  • Recording of accidents and fines
  • Monitoring of company assets allocated to employees
  • Logging of vehicles allocated to employees
  • Reminders for your employees, managers and users of important follow-up dates with scheduled, automatic email and sms alerts
  • Sms and email alerts for expiring probation, contracts, licences and various important follow-up dates

Document Manager

Replace your traditional employee files with easy-to-use electronic files with document attachments like CVs, IDs and certificates

  • Loading of employee documents such as employment contracts, qualification Certificates, Birth Records and all information that goes into the employee personal file.
  • Sharing of important company documents among staff members
  • Employee Electronic Personal file (E-Personal File) for quick reference to filed documents

Performance Management

  • Preparation and conducting performance and competency reviews performance goals and personal development action plans per employee
  • Formulate performance development plans per employee combining job requirements, review results and development areas

Job Profile Management

Job Profile management allows the HR officers to define requirements for a particular position in the organisation; the HR officers can specify Competencies, Performance requirements, Affiliations, Experience, Training, Skills required for a position.

Each job is linked to Key Performance Areas (KPAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) integrated with the Performance Management Module